What You Need to Know About Cholesterol

We’ve all been told to watch our cholesterol, but what is cholesterol? It is a fatty, wax-like substance contained in every cell of our body. You need to have some cholesterol in order for your body to make vitamin D, hormones and certain substances that assist in digestion. Your body is perfectly capable of making […]

Choosing an Effective Antidepressant Medication

With so many antidepressant medications being advertised these days, it can be very confusing. With the help of your doctor you should be able to find one that works best for you so that you can resume a more enjoyable life. Antidepressants are widely prescribed for people suffering from depression. They do not necessarily cure […]

What Happy People Do Differently

Why do some people always seem happier than others? The pursuit of happiness is a universal phenomenon and everyone strives to enrich their lives financially and emotionally. Happiness not only feels good, BUT IS GOOD FOR you! “The happiest among us (cheerfully) accept that striving for perfection—and a perfectly smooth interaction with everyone at all […]

Useful information on nutrition

Depression is rated by the World Health Organisation as the leading cause of disease burden amongst high income countries. Read more about it here. Eating healthily can enhance your mood, but there’s no specific diet that works for depression. Here are some basic tips to ensure a healthy diet: 1. Eat a Diet High in […]

Signs of Major Depression

Depression is a common but serious disease that ranges widely in severity. If you have a milder case, you may struggle with symptoms that include sadness, irritability, anger, and fatigue that last for weeks or longer. Such depression interferes with your daily life and relationships. But some cases of depression are more severe, with intense symptoms that may include significant appetite and weight loss, sleep problems, […]