Fusion Formulations is driven by the passion to reach out beyond the consulting room. We wish to be seen as a company that successfully bridges the gap between purely allopathic pharmaceutical medicines and their nutritional equivalents.By the use of daily consumed nutrients, combined in original formulae, we are able to produce products of high quality that have negligible, if any, side effects and whose benefits are measurable.All products adhere to GMP standards of production. The advantage of these products is that their efficasy is measurable in numbers, before, during and after use to effectively assess their individual performances with the clinical conditions.

Through this process we hope to be seen as a company with products that the discerning consumer can use with confidence and which Medical Aids and the Medical Fraternity can also consider prescribing.

General Info- Moodcaps™ and SAMe

MOODCAPS are nutritional supplements for utilization by the body in the production of its own natural substance SAMe (S-Adenosylmethionine).

MOODCAPS™ first came onto the South African Nutritional market in September 2000 as an all new locally researched and formulated product (Precursor formula) for use as an aid in the treatment of Depression. There are no known equivalents.

From the very outset the product proved to be very effective and without any reported side effects.

1) Bi-polar (Manic-Depression): This CI has been arbitrally made because of the postulate that if MOODCAPS™, as is the case with SSRI medicines, raise serotonin levels in the body, this in turn could also heighten the “Manic” phase of Bipolar (Manic) Depression;
2) Untreated Epileptic patients.

Early marketing created the misunderstanding that MOODCAPS™ and SAMe were one and the same. This was corrected by changing the labelling (Jan 2002) and has since been known as (what it in fact has always been) merely a precursor formula package, which the body can utilize to produce natural SAMe. Proposed future testing hopes to show this.

The prime motivation for using the product was Depression, but the very strong second leg of its indications needs to be acknowledged i.e. liver detoxification

Moodcaps™ can be packaged in capsules instead of enteric coated tablets, because they are a precursor formula and not SAMe itself, giving results commensurate with synthetically produced SAMe.

SAMe is used to counteract depression and anxiety. It also aids in the detoxification of drug-dependant patients. SAMe is used in Europe in the treatment of alcohol related liver damage and cirrhosis. SAMe is used to inactivate estrogens that cause liver damage and promotes bile flow to aid in the digestion of fat. In most people, the body can make all the SAMe it needs, but some patients who suffer from depression and other conditions have been found to have lower levels of the compound as well as lower levels of Folic acid (also known as Folate) and Vitamin B12. Short and long term clinical studies show that SAMe is a very safe and non-toxic product in levels of supplementation of up to 1,600mg a day. SAMe has been confirmed by several studies to be as effective in the treatment of depression as traditional pharmaceutical anti-depressants.

If your mood needs a lift, reach out for Moodcaps™, which is a *precursor formula which was formulated to imitate the body’s own metabolic pathway for SAMe production. [Moodcaps™/Moodtabs™ do not contain SAMe]